BirdWorldIcon180x180gerundetHave you ever been in the wild and missing your bird guide? BirdWorld will fill you in on the local birds no matter where in the world you are. Over 10600 species and 20600 subspecies from the current IOC checklist fill this iOS app with the entire known bird world. Global maps, wonderful images and a captivating bird spotting game add up to make this an indispensable birding app for birders of every proficiency.


  • All over 10600 known bird species
  • Use as a portal to corresponding Wikipedia and BirdLife International entries for each species
  • Distribution maps for all birds
  • Images of nearly all birds
  • High quality additional photos from BIA birdimagency
  • Search functionality
  • Trip planning functionality
  • Bird names in seven languages
  • Intuitive and fast interface
  • Latest taxonomy
  • Bird spotting game